• Catherine Thomas (and Piper)

    "I have been a very happy client at Montreal Pet Care for five years and recommend them very highly for all dog-care needs. My Miniature Schnauzer, Piper, has been going to day care every week day since she was around 6-months old. She also boards with Montreal Pet Care when I travel for work or vacation. She has stayed for up to 2-week stretches with the team, and I feel very comfortable leaving her with them since she knows everyone very well and she is very well cared for. As well as being quite sure of the quality of care that they provide, I really appreciate the flexibility that Adilson and the team are able to provide. When I have a work crisis, or an unexpected trip, I can call from work and ask if they can keep Piper overnight on that night. The fact that they also pick up and drop off at home makes the service invaluable to me. Montreal Pet Care makes it very easy to have a dog in the city and I feel that she is having a great time even with my long work hours. Piper always comes home happy and exhausted!"

  • Meredith H.

    "Adilson and the guys from Montreal have been taking care of Isa, my Border collie mix for the last ten years since I adopted her. They are incredibly responsive and dedicated to her welfare. Before she got too old, I sent her to their day care, and I also used to board her at their facility on Long Island. I always could go away on a business trip or vacation knowing that she was roaming and playing in a safe, caring, uncrated and outdoors (during the day) yet supervised environment. When she came home she was always tired and happy.
    Now that she is older (16) and arthritic, she stays at home and has a Montreal dog walker. Whenever she has any issues with her arthritis, I always get a call from them letting me know. Recently while I was on a business trip abroad, Isa was staying with a friend. One evening she fell and couldn't get up to walk or even to support herself on her back legs, not even to go outside. My friend was unable to get her up either, and we were all distraught and concerned, myself especially as I was 6 hrs time difference and 4000 miles away. My first call the next morning was to Adilson, who immediately went over with Isa's regular dog walker in his van to my friend's apartment. With much gentleness, strength and attention, they were able to get her walking again and outside to do her business. We decided the best thing would be for them to transport her back to my apartment and Adilson would stay on call if she needed anything further, although as an option, he also offered to give her 24hr supervised care with him until I got home two days later. I can't say enough as to how relieved I was to know that she was in their good hands until I returned."

  • Cecily Kate

    "Kevin was a rescue dog who had severe anxiety issues. Kevin began going to Paws Country Club two years ago. I would drop him off every Friday and pick him up after a day filled of fun walks and doggie socializing. This was the first time in 4 years that Kevin was able to go to a place comfortably without me. After a few months Kevin became part of the Paws family and began stopping by often on a walk home just to say hi. The owner Adilson showered him with love and affection. After a year his favorite walker Marcello was able to pick him up from home and drop him off. Kevin had complete trust in him and the other staff at Paws. He would board at Paws as well. They always monitored him closely and administered his medications perfectly. Sadly, my sweet boy has passed on but I am so grateful that he was able to spend happy years playing at Paws."

    Cecily Kate

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